Need research on energy efficiency, Community Solar, or the UPCT Program? You can find and download some of our factsheets and reports here.

One Pagers and Factsheets

The UPCT Program

UPCT Factsheet (English)

Get some basic facts on the UPCT Program Application Process and Success Rates.

Community Solar

Community Solar One Pager (English) (Español)

A handy one pager on what Repower LA is advocating to be included in the Community Solar program.

Solar Desert Maps: By Council District and Poverty Level

Community Solar Powerpoint: “The Case for Solar Equity” (English)

Repower LA

Repower LA Overview One Pager (English)

Get the 411 on Repower’s involvement in advocating for energy efficiency and the UPCT Program.


UC Berkeley “Advancing Equity in California Climate Policy: A New Social Contract for Low Carbon Transition” Report

This 2016 report presents a Climate Policy Equity Framework to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in ways that promote economic, social, and environmental equity, that uplifts the UPCT Program as a case study.

UC Berkeley “Training for the Future, Part 2” Report.

This 2016 report discusses the more recent successes of the UPCT program since its launch.

UC Berkeley “Training for the Future” Report

This 2013 report evaluated the success of the UPCT Program.

Repower LA Clean Power, Good Jobs Report

This 2012 groundbreaking report laid out the need for HEIP to clean our environment and put low-income communities to work in good jobs.