Our Victories

Thanks in part to RePower LA’s advocacy, we have ensured that:

  • The Community Solar Program was adopted by the LADWP Board that will help 400 homeowners (especially low-income ones who couldn’t afford solar before) host solar panels on their roofs, installed by UPCTs while receiving $360 annually from LADWP.
  • LADWP instituted new “Equity Metrics” that will track and publically release semi-annual data on how well the Department is serving customers in low-income or underserved communities
  • LADWP upgraded over 7,000 homes, 15,500 businesses and 15 LAUSD schools by improving lighting, insulation and more.
  • A dramatic increase in energy efficiency investment at the nation’s largest utility will reduce LA’s energy consumption 15%, saving enough energy to power 400,000 homes and creating more than 17,000 job-years of employment.  (That’s like putting 1,700 people to work for one year).
  • LADWP’s adoption of a set of Guiding Principles to ensure that energy efficiency investment creates good jobs and benefits struggling communities.
  • IBEW Local 18 & LADWP’s Utility Pre-Craft Trainee program, which has trained 250 future utility workers, continues to be successful through numerous outreach efforts. Over 90% of UPCTs in the program have come from zip codes with high unemployment rates, 13% are women, and 85% are people of color.
  • LADWP management made a commitment to ensure UPCT applicants with criminal conviction histories are given a fair chance in the hiring process.
  • Youth and community organizations are involved in outreach around energy efficiency programs for small businesses at LADWP.